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5 facts about Husqvarna Orange Evolution that will change your life

  1. From now on the two market-leading floor grinding technologies can be found in one portfolio

  2. We can also find universal solutions with Diamond Tool handling.

  3. The supreme surface preparation tool system helps you focus on the end results

  4. An expanded and fully developed tool families ensure an always outstanding end result

  5. From now on we can look at the Polished Concrete surfaces with a different eye.

It’s time to finally start to think in Orange when it comes to effective flooring solutions. The fusion of the world greatest brands - Husqvarna and HTC - has brought a lot of innovation and development to the flooring industry. If you want to be part of the Husqvarna time-saving, productive and reliable world, read our short article to keep you up to date on the latest changes. (But you might want to read it even if you don't want to be a part of anything 😉)

1. From now on the two market-leading floor grinding technologies can be found in one portfolio Dual Drive and Duratiq - Because universal Challenges require Concrete answers.

It is almost certain that you will no longer need to use other technologies for floor grinding, as all related activities will be covered by the machines and tools in the renewed and expanded portfolio. What a relief it is to be able to get everything from one place as from now on you can skip the tedious research work and unnecessary rush between stores. (the only place you need to visit is: www.epo-trend.hu )

If you’re not yet an expert in floor grinding, you’ll probably want to know what Duratiq and Dual Drive is! Duratiq technology was developed by HTC Sweden AB to create a completely new, smarter, more efficient and ergonomic grinder portfolio. Each piece in the portfolio has been tailored to the highest demands of the user to make grinding incredibly easy while progressing through work efficiently and quick. With the take over of the HTC brand, this series is now a part of the Husqvarna portfolio, where it also meets the high demands just in a different colour. Learn all about Duratiq technology and download it for free: 100+ features that make living almost worthless without Duratiq machines.

Dual Drive - Double engine, double productivity, double pleasure. Dual Drive Technology ™ allows the rotation of the large disc and the smaller planetary grinding discs to be adjusted in both directions, resulting in an almost incredible grinding force. The machines in the Dual Drive portfolio can become an almost irreplaceable companion for demolition and surface preparation work, where, thanks to their extremely high productivity, we can quickly and efficiently create the perfect starting or receiving surfaces. And there is even more! Learn more about Dual Drive technology and its portfolio here: Burkoló vállalkozások FIGYELEM! - A Felület előkészítés ÚJ KORSZAKÁBA lépünk!

2. We can also find universal solutions with Diamond Tool handling. Multi Tool Holder - a new dimension opens up for us.

Think about how good it feels to have a solution which is working flawlessly! So imagine how good does that feel to have TWO? - Absolutely amazing! Experience the feeling of confidence when you know that whatever the problem may be, there is almost certainly a suitable and effective solution for it.

Thanks to the Orange Evolution, two complete diamond tool eco-system are available for the professional floor grinders - and thanks to the brand new Multi Tool Holder, you can operate any tools under any Husqvarna grinding machine with EZchange ™ and/or Redi Lock® locking systems! No more adapter plates required.

Not familiar with terms and technology? Take a look around for a fuller picture - just click on the picture:

3. The supreme surface preparation tool system helps you focus on the end results. - Superprep - Surface preparation tools tuned for extreme efficiency.

Is time a critical factor? Is the goal an instant and perfect end result? There is often a need for a well-structured tool system where the variety of floor preparation work does not interfere with construction processes. Using the Superprep series, you can almost eliminate the stress factor from the equation. No matter how unexpected and unimaginable the situation, green tools will come to your rescue.

The HUSQVARNA Superprep ™ tool range has all the capabilities needed to create a perfectly prepared surface when saving time is a key factor. The series successfully combines the all-new EZ PREP series with the already well-known T-rex series and Ravager devices, creating a complete, advanced system for surface preparation. This system is briefly referred just as Superprep or Green Tool Series. Are you missing a little GREEN from your life too? Click on the image to learn more here:

4. An expanded and fully developed tool families ensure an always outstanding end result , or in other words - how could the best become better?

It is hard to imagine how a tool system that is already working perfectly could become even more perfect? We also dropped our chin at the sight of the new tools. The key lies in simplicity and the fact that from now on a complete range of solutions await the user to any floor grinding problem . You don't need to have a degree to grind the floor! However, it is almost essential to follow the instructions and descriptions accurately and occasionaly obtain professional information.

But in short, what are we talking about exactly? Husqvarna has made new developments on the HTC line, most notably in the field of polishing and edge-grinding tools. They achieved a major breakthrough in polishing tools, for example the modernization of the mount, which uses a magnetic system and a flexible pad design to make the tools easier to install and remove. You can get more information here:https://www.epo-trend.hu/muanyagkotesu-szerszamok

The expansion of the range of edge-grinding tools allow us to follow each step of grinding with the appropriate edge-grinding tools, thus enabling us to create an always evenly and uniformly polished surface, where the edges are no exception. The whole thing is a very simple and transparent system, where each tool family has its own task.

Download the map here and see the greatness of the diamond tools in the HTC-Husqvarna system : Husqvarna - HTC tool map not just for beginners!

(Important! Edge grinding tool systems are currently out of stock. They are expected to be available from July.)

5. From now on we can look at the Polished Concrete surfaces with a different eye. Who would say no to a floor with super powers and qualities? Superfloor, it's time to save us!

From what? Primarily from the deficiencies in the functionality of industrial floors, the loss of productivity, the restriction of work, the lack of safety and the idea that floors with a high environmental load have a painfully short lifespan. If you choose any of the Superfloor flooring solutions, you can protect your customers from all of this.

Right, now you must be wondering what Superfloor is and why you want to have it in your life. A preview:

In the Superfloor ™ process, simple structural concrete is ground and polished in several steps, mechanically with Husqvarna machines and diamond tools using dry, dust-free technology. The process includes the given phase or. impregnation according to customer needs (hardening, pore-sealing, hydrophobization, surface protection). During the process, the top, weakest, cemented part of the concrete is removed. After this, the filler in the concrete (typically river gravel, but can be andesite, basalt, limestone or even alkali-resistant glass) becomes visible, which ensures the wonderful beauty of Superfloor ™. At the same time, the internal, extremely hard structure of the concrete comes to the surface, which is evenly smooth, economical and inexpensive to maintain for a very long time. In addition, the entire process is based on dry technology, no slurry or dust is generated, and the construction can even be done during business operation. ”

Therefore, due to their diversity, Superfloor flooring solutions can be used in almost any area, be it an industrial facility, a warehouse, a shopping center or the living room of an apartment. There is no wrong choice if Superfloor is chosen. With Superfloor flooring solutions, functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand.

Learn everything and become a Superfloor expert: https://www.epo-trend.hu/husqvarna-superfloor

If you are interested and would like more information, or would like to learn more about the technology, or would like to learn more about the machines and tools, please do not hesitate to contact us: